Winter Themed Multisensory Crafts from Our Memory Care Communities

Get in touch with your artsy side this season!


When getting outdoors during the winter isn’t ideal, crafting indoors is always an option for your loved one! Crafts that are multisensory, meaning anything that involves using several of the five senses at once, benefits people of all ages. Advantages of sensory stimulation include improved mood, better communication abilities, improved self-esteem and deeper connection with others. Each of our memory care communities feature sensory-focused therapies that encourage our residents to express their emotions and recall past experiences. While your loved one has all their sensory needs met while staying with us, we wanted to help you incorporate multisensory activities when you’re not in our community. We hope you love these winter-themed crafts!

Salt Crystal Snowflakes

Whether or not it snows a lot where your loved one currently lives, snowflakes are a beautiful symbol of winter. Not only that, but snow-themed crafts make great decor! This salt crystal snowflake craft idea uses only a few materials and it is accessible for many. Here’s what items you’ll need:

  • Salt
  • Mason Jar
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Clothespin

To get started, you’ll make some saltwater. Boil three cups of water. As it starts to boil, begin adding salt. Continue pouring salt in until crystals start to form on the surface of the water– it will take a large amount of salt. Then, as the water is cooling, assist your loved one in designing a snowflake shape using the pipe cleaners. Make sure the snowflake can fit easily through the mouth of the mason jar. When the snowflake is ready, attach another pipe cleaner to it as a hanger to the top so you can suspend it in the mason jar. Hang the snowflake in the saltwater using a clothespin to hold it in place. Let the snowflake sit in the jar near a sunny window or area of the home for 2-3 days. After that, remove your snowflake and let them dry. Your salt crystal snowflake is ready! These make great window decorations or door hangs.

Snowman Yarn Craft

If your loved one likes to keep their hands busy, this snowman yarn craft will be a hit! Snowmen are another classic winter decoration item. If your loved one enjoys the relaxing task of wrapping yarn, it’s easy to make several of these adorable crafts! Working with yarn also helps strengthen fine motor skills and attention to detail. The materials needed are:

  • Black felt, orange felt, and blue felt
  • White yarn and brown yarn

To make this, first trace a snowman shape and two twig-like arms in the cardboard. Cut the shapes out and create small slits around the perimeter edges of the snowman and arm pieces. Next, using black felt, cut multiple circles for eyes, the mouth, and buttons. Using the orange felt, cut out a triangle nose. Finally, using the blue felt, cut out a scarf shape. To begin wrapping the snowman, slide the end of the white yarn into one of the slits in the cardboard. Assist your loved one as needed to wrap the white yarn randomly around the cardboard, until it’s completely covered in white yarn. Tie the end of the yarn off at the back. Repeat this process using brown yarn for the arm shapes. Then, using craft glue, attach the arm pieces to each side of the snowman. Finally, use the craft glue to attach the eyes, nose, mouth, buttons and scarf to your snowman. Help your loved one find the perfect place for their winter craft!

As your loved one ages, it becomes increasingly important to prioritize their sensory needs, as poor sensory integration can negatively affect communication, relationships, and overall life experiences. At our multiple memory care communities, you can rest assured that we will provide your loved one with experiences to help them regulate these senses. Our multisensory approach to care can encourage your loved one to express themselves and communicate effectively, improving their quality of life.

For more information on any of our beautiful memory care communities, or to schedule a tour with us, contact our team today!

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