Wise and Wonderful – August Wellness Month

Wise and Wonderful – August Wellness Month

Wise and Wonderful – August Wellness Month
Resident’s at The Landing at Behrman Place Enjoy Fresh Squeezed Juice after Every Workout! Cheers!

No matter what your age, it is beneficial to practice healthy living. To be healthy means to function at the optimal level of energy input and output. Tools that promote this idea include quality food, adequate activity, ample sleep, a supportive community and time spent in a natural environment. These tools feed off each other and lead to increased self-awareness, mental-clarity and a higher quality of life. At Sunshine Retirement Living, we believe in offering our residents healthy living resources that will allow them to age successfully. Although we offer these resources on a daily basis at all of our Communities, sometimes we all need a little inspiration, even when it comes to something as important as our health. For this reason, each year we dedicate an entire month towards resident and employee health and wellness, August Wellness Month!

The purpose of August Wellness Month is to inspire our residents, employees, and the greater community to be proactive about their personal health and wellbeing. The four program elements “Get Informed,” “Get Fit,” “Get Restored,” and “Give Back” are designed to offer our residents a complete approach to preventative care wellness.


Get Informed:

How can you take steps towards improved wellness without some guidelines for healthy living? During August Wellness Month, not only will we be offering life saving on-site screenings at all of our Communities, but we have invited local medical professionals, wellness professionals and senior specialists to provide educational seminars for our residents and the greater community of a variety of health related subjects. Get informed highlights include:

Life Saving Tests and Screenings

Life Line Screenings

• Blood Sugar Testing

• Eye Examinations

• Hearing Checks

• Blood Pressure Checks

Educational Lectures

• Proper Use of Medications

• Fall Risk Reduction and Balance Assessments

• PPACA The Future of Obama Care

• Safe Transportation Options for Seniors

• Use of Emergency Pendants

• Proper Footwear for Seniors

And much, much more! Please contact the Community nearest you for a complete list of “Get Informed” screenings and lectures.

Get Fit:

As we age, it becomes more important than ever to remain physically active. Some of the benefits of a balanced fitness program include improved bone density, improved range of motion, reduced pain, increased energy, better circulation, and an overall higher quality of life. Seniors who do not take part in the recommended amount of weekly physical exercise see a dramatic reduction in their ability to complete activities of daily living (ADL’s) with ease and throughout time may develop or further aggravate chronic conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The daily fitness, balance and mobility programs we offer at our Sunshine Communities are all senior specific progressive programs based on University research. However, we also understand that fitness needs to be fun so our programs also include a variety of dance classes and senior sports which encourage our residents to get moving in more of a social environment. This month’s Get Fit highlights include:

Fitness, Balance and Mobility Classes

• Sunshine’s Signature ‘Happy Bones’ Class

• Senior Ninja Warrior Balance Obstacle Courses

• Arthritis Foundation Exercise Classes

• Oregon State Universities ‘Better Bones and Balance’ Class

• Zumba Gold

Dance Classes and Senior Sports

• Line Dancing

• Beginning Ballet

• Hula Dancing

• Beanbag Baseball

• Wii Bowling

• Senior Olympics

Our Beanbag Baseball Team at The Landing at Behrman Place Actually Competes in the Senior Olympics!

Please contact the Community nearest you for a complete list of “Get Fit” scheduled classes and events.

Get Restored:

The body does not understand the difference between physical stress, nutritional stress and mental stress. During times of stress, the body secretes a hormone called cortisol (often referred to as the stress hormone) to alert the body of impending danger. In small amounts, cortisol can really benefit the body by helping to increase energy, improve memory functions, lower the body’s sensitivity to pain and maintain homeostasis. However, we only reap these benefits if after experiencing stress, we then encourage recovery. Proper nutrition, music, laughter, massage therapy, and relaxation exercises have all been linked to a reduction in cortisol levels. Lifestyle related stress, caffeine, sleep deprivation, high intensity or prolonged physical exercise and nutrient deficiency encourage high levels of cortisol preventing adequate recovery. This month’s Get Restored highlights include:

Informative Lectures

• Tips for Improving Sleep

• Ways to Reduce Physical and Mental Stress

• The Benefits of Essential Oils

• The Benefits of Acupuncture

Interactive Events

• Tai Chi

• Meditation

• Reflexology

• Gentle Touch Massage

• Grief and Loss / Transitions Workshops

• Yoga

• Music Therapy

• Hydration Therapy

Please contact the Community nearest you for a complete list of “Get Fit” scheduled classes and events.

Give Back:

We are all in this world together and just as there are times in life to receive love and support from others, so are there times in life to give back to your community. Not only does offering ‘service’ to others help support your local community, but it also contributes to one’s own sense of purpose and personal wellbeing. Our residents have designed and developed programs that have a tremendous impact on their local communities and the nation at large. They create quilts and felt dolls for the local children’s hospital, knit caps and send letters to our soldiers, and collect school supplies for low income families in the area. Here are some of the Give Back highlights for the month of August:

Collections and Programs

• Food and Clothing Drives

• School Supplies for Children

• Household Items for Women of Abuse

• Penny Drive in Support of the Troops

• Letters to our Troops

• Go Green Recycling Program

Crafts for a Cause:

• Teddy Bears for Fire Department

• Quilts for Children

• Baby Caps for Infants

• Stocking Caps for Soldiers

• Felty Dolls for Children’s Hospital

Teddy Bears Donated to the Local Fire Department

Please contact the Community nearest you for a complete list of “Give Back” scheduled events.

Our bodies and minds have been reaching out to us our entire lives in a request for wellness. It is recognizing that request and determining what to do about it that is the struggle. It is our belief that no one person has all the answers nor can anyone claim to hold the tools necessary for complete wellness for all people all the time. This is why we believe in a TEAM of Wellness Professionals working together to create a plan for community wellness. Together, with each tradesman doing exactly what he does best for the community, we create the highest quality foundation for a more complete wellness.

We hope that you choose to take part in this year’s August Wellness Month. Whether you choose to ‘Get Informed’ with one of our many educational seminars or choose to give back to one of the causes, we are looking to support. Either way, you will be doing something healthy for yourself and your community. If you have any additional questions about our events or would like to get involved please feel free to contact us.

For more information about August Wellness Month, please select the community closest to you:


Manor at Midvale

Tuscon, AZ

(520) 308-6796


Country Club Village

Hot Springs, AR

(501) 881-4318


Quail Lodge

Antioch, CA

(925) 234-4631

Canterbury Court

Chula Vista, CA

(619) 274-8024

Creekside Oaks

Folsom, CA

(916) 365-9114

Waterford Terrace

La Mesa, CA

(619) 463-2111

Deer Park

Novato, CA

(415) 897-0054

Dunwoody Pines

Dunwoody, GA

(770) 872-0749


Landing at Behrman Place

New Orleans, LA

(504) 708-4775


Garden Way

Eugene, OR

(541) 359-3208

Summerfield Estates

Tigard, OR

(503) 214-2059


Brook Ridge

Pharr, TX

(956) 467-0973

The Clairmont

Austin, TX

(512) 879-1451

The Continental

Austin, TX

(512) 879-1429

Tarrytowne Estates

Houston, TX

(281) 617-1153

In Good Health,

Denise Park

Wellness Director

Sunshine Retirement Living

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