Wise and Wonderful: December

Wise and Wonderful: December


Resident Highlight: Fran Burrows, Tarrytowne Estates, Houston, TX

One of the best things about being a part of a ‘Community’ is the opportunity to support and be supported during times of triumph as well as tragedy. No one understands this better than Fran Burrows of Tarrytowne Estates in Houston, TX. Eight years ago and only six months after moving into her community, Fran Burrows identified the need for a women’s support group. What is remarkable about Fran is that she chose to do something about it!

Fran Burrows is the founder of ‘Coffee and Conversation’, a women’s group that not only offers support to women, it actually serves the entire community. Group members write sympathy and get well cards, reach out to new residents and support youth in the greater Houston area.

Each meeting features a guest speaker whose name may be found on the agenda. The agenda also includes a prayer list and a list of new residents. What is happening at Tarrytowne Estates is truly newsworthy! If you see the need for a similar group in your community, be that ‘Wise and Wonderful’ person that says, “I am going to do something about this!”

Thank you Fran Burrows for your service to your community!

*This blog was first published here: Sunshine Retirement Living