Wise And Wonderful: May

Wise And Wonderful: May

Mom and Daughter

Your generation has demonstrated honor, making the decision with action to value others and oneself with devotion.   You have courage and have shown mental and moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.  Commitment, loyalty, duty, respect and integrity are words that mean something to you and have structured the decisions you have made throughout your life.  After surviving the depression and WWII, you lived through several other wars as well as responded to countless United States changes.  You have reached the point of wisdom.

To even be a small part of your lives, is a gift.  To be of assistance to you in any way, is an honor.  What you deserve more than anything is a high quality of life, regardless of how you choose to spend your time and energy.  Tools that promote this idea include quality food, adequate activity, ample sleep, a supportive community and time spent in a natural environment.  The role of a Wellness Director is ensuring that you have access to these basic needs and so much more.  Throughout the year I will be visiting each of your communities to help your team get started on a Wellness Program that will help you thrive.  We want to do this for you, because you deserve it!  As Tom Brokaw argued when he referred to you as The Greatest Generation, “You fought not for fame and recognition, but because it was the right thing to do.”  All we are trying to do is the very same thing!

*This blog was first published here: Sunshine Retirement Living