Wise and Wonderful : September

Wise and Wonderful : September


Secrets Revealed: Living to be 100!

There are many perks that come with living to be 100. Just ask Flo Truscott of Creekside Oaks Retirement Community in Folsom, CA who just turned 100 this September.

For Flo’s birthday this year not only did 125 of her closest friends and family host a huge celebration in her honor, but the local news station requested an interview with Flo to find out just what it takes to live to the glorious age of 100! If you are interested in uncovering Flo’s secrets check out the interview yourself: click here.

The same week that all eyes on the west coast were on Flo, on the other side of the country in Dunwoody, GA another centenarian received the honor she deserved. Mary Farnakis, resident at Dunwoody Pines Retirement Community received a special visit from the mayor of Dunwoody on September 19th, the day of Mary’s 100th birthday. Not only did Mayor Mike Davis give Mary her own key to the city but he also declared September 19th to be Mary Farnakis Day!

Mayor Mike Davis Declares it to be Mary Farnakis Day!

Dunwoody Pines Resident: Mary Farnakis, 100

The fact that it is not uncommon to hear of people living to be 80, 90 and even 100 years old is a relatively new concept. Although genetics play a role in life-expectancy, the dramatic change from the early 20th century when the average life expectancy was under 50 years can be largely attributed to advances in public health and healthy lifestyles.

So what exactly is it that centenarians do that others do not? Research taken from the New England Centenarian Study (http://www.bumc.bu.edu/centenarian/) recommends these top ten steps as the biggest lifestyle influencers for living a long and healthy life:
1. Don’t smoke.
2. Be physically active every day.
3. Eat a healthy diet rich in whole grains, lean protein, vegetables, and fruits. Reduce or avoid unhealthy saturated fats and trans fats. Instead, use healthier monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.
4. Be sure to get enough vitamin D and calcium.
5. Maintain a healthy weight and body shape.
6. Challenge your mind.
7. Build a strong social network.
8. Protect your sight, hearing and general health by following preventive care guidelines.
9. Floss, brush, and see a dentist regularly.
10. Discuss with your doctor whether you need any medicine to help you stay healthy. These might include medicines to control high blood pressure, treat osteoporosis or lower cholesterol, for example.

So the next time you have the choice between a greasy fast food meal, high in cholesterol and trans fats, or a healthy Chef-prepared meal like the meals Flo and Mary enjoy on a regular basis think about what you may be giving up. Would you enjoy shaking The Mayor’s hand as he tells you it is such an honor to meet you that he has actually named a day after you? How would you feel if the local news asked to interview you because they wanted to know your secrets? What would it feel like to have hundreds of friends and family, prepare a celebration in your honor? These are all questions our centenarians have earned the right to answer! Next time you have the opportunity, take a moment to honor a senior in your community who has the wisdom that so many of us seek.

Pacific Pointe Resident: Mary Wallis, 102

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