Winter Preparation Guide For Enjoying Senior Living In Austin, Texas

Prepare for cooler weather in three easy ways!


Hats, boots, and jackets, oh my! We’re walking right into winter, and that means it’s time to prepare for cold weather (finally) in Austin, Texas. From putting out seasonal decor to putting on some layers, to prepping your body with your annual flu shot, preparing for winter is easily doable for all. In fact, the expert team at The Clairmont Retirement Community has put together a list of simple tips and tricks for all our retirement communities and members in Austin, Texas. See below for our top 3 favorite ways to prepare for the chillier months of the year.

Add on layers to beat the chill

The rule of changing out clothes for each season is of a bygone era. Preparing your wardrobe for winter, especially in Texas, can mean incorporating your summer clothing into your outfits for an extended wardrobe! For those with a downsized clothing collection, it’s the perfect way to get creative with your fashion and adapt to changing temperatures throughout the season.

Love your bright orange linen blouse, but worry it’s going to be too chilly on your daily outside walk? Try wearing a simple button-down cashmere cardigan over it for a chic and understated look.

Pair your summer whites with warm winter colors for a crisp take on transitional wear. White pants after Labor Day are a-okay – no rules broken here. With a burgundy sweater or some winter flannel, it looks cool and comfortable!

Get Your Flu Shot!

With a 40- 60% efficacy rate in preventing the flu, getting your flu shot is the simplest and best way to prepare your immune system for the upcoming flu season. In fact it is the most important thing you can do for your health and for the safety of others. Not only does the vaccine protect you from the flu, but it also helps reduce your risk of spreading the flu to more vulnerable populations like children under the age of 6, the immuno-compromised, and pregnant people. Remember – the best way to show someone you care about them is to do your best to protect them from the flu!

For those hesitant to receive the vaccine, or perhaps who have never had it, the CDC lists some really great benefits that you can read about for yourself.

Seasonal Decor All Around!

The winter spirit doesn’t have to be cheesy or break the bank! It doesn’t even have to be complicated – like a wintry faux floral arrangement. In fact, our favorite winter decor is simple, classic, and easy to create! Grab some wintry branches or crisp greenery–fake or real–and place them in your favorite vase for a beautiful winter centerpiece.

Not interested in plants? Change out your blankets, pillows, and bedding to something a little cozier. Fabrics like chunky knits and velvets are amazing for adding a cozy feel to your home for the winter season. As a bonus, they’ll help keep you warm during the chillier weather.

Love the look of winter but not interested in traditional winter decor? Try decorating with a small dish of acorns or pinecones for forest-inspired looks. You can also break out any small collections you might have. Foxes, deer, rust-colored feathers, plaid, faux fur – all evoke a sense of winter without screaming it.

Winter in Texas is always such a magical season, and with a little preparation, you too can have a fantastic winter in our Austin retirement communities.

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