Why Autumn is the Best Time to Move to Assisted Living in Mason, Ohio

This Season Makes Moving Your Loved One To Assisted Living A Breeze

Why Autumn Is the Best Time to Move to Assisted Living

There’s never a perfect time when it comes to moving your loved one to an assisted living or memory care community, but some times are definitely better than others. Autumn is arguably the most ideal time to move them for a variety of reasons. If you’re considering relocating your loved one in the near future, consider these reasons as to why autumn may be your best choice, from Central Parke, a Mason, OH assisted living and memory care facility:

Enjoy the Holidays

By moving in the fall, your loved one will have plenty of time to get settled in before the holidays. Ideally, you should help them move in before Thanksgiving so that they can get acclimated to their new living space and have time to make their space their own, invite family and friends to visit, and whatever else they may desire. Not only will this allow them time to settle down, but also to prepare for the holidays. If they need to do any holiday shopping, they can utilize transportation services offered by their assisted living community.

Beat the Snow

In Ohio, snow and ice are prevalent in the winter, making it more dangerous and difficult to travel. This can also make sidewalks slippery and falls more likely to occur. By helping your loved one move to assisted living in the autumn, you can avoid these dangers.

Enjoy the Convenience

Speaking of weather, autumn brings cooler, crisp air, making it more bearable for moving. Nobody likes the idea of moving boxes in the summer heat! Cooler temperatures reduce the chances of heat exhaustion and dehydration–and is simply more comfortable.

Avoid Spring Moving Rush

When it comes to moving, the spring and summer months tend to be the peak. This means transportation and moving rates are higher–it also may be more difficult to find available movers. Therefore, since fall is a less popular time to move, rates will be cheaper and movers will be easier to find.

Property Repair and Sale are Easier

If your loved one is moving from their own property into an assisted living community, they may need to make necessary repairs and renovations in order to sell their home. Typically, fewer properties are on the market during the fall months, meaning lower inventory and less competition for buyer attention. Additionally, fall offers great weather for external repairs.

Take Advantage of Social Activities

One of the most important advantages of moving your loved one to an assisted living community in autumn is that it allows them time to join an on-site group of their peers before the weather makes get-togethers more difficult. Seniors can tend to feel isolated in the winter when the roads are more hazardous to travel on. At an assisted living community, there are pre-planned social activities just steps away from residents’ rooms, helping combat loneliness.

Whether your loved one is ready to move to assisted living now, or you are getting a head start to ensure adequate preparation, fall is a great time to consider making the move! The team at Central Parke is eager to show you and your loved one around and welcome them home.

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